Service Officer

The new Department Service Officer and Assistant Service Officer will take over effective July 1, 2022. Please give them a warm American Legion Welcome!

DSO- Ms. Raven Holstick,

ADSO- Ms. Tonjala Moton-Williams,

It has been a pleasure being your DSO.


Temporary Financial Assistance  


If you have members that want to be an accredited representative with a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), they can apply for employment with GDVS when vacancies become available. GDVS Field Offices and the Appeals Division are accredited to file  claims for veterans with POA with: Georgia Department of Veterans Service, American Legion, VFW, American Red Cross, American Ex-POWs, Jewish War Veterans, Retired Enlisted Association, and Fleet Reserve Association.  GDVS files all claims and appeals for the American Legion in Georgia. Other states and departments do things differently.

Other VSOs within the State of Georgia file claims for veterans: AMVETs, DAV, Wounded Warrior etc. so you may be able to apply for employment with them and become accredited with them .

Another way is to become a CLAIMS AGENT. This is INDIVIDUAL accreditation and you would be filing claims for Veterans UNDER YOUR OWN NAME not the American Legion. See attached for how to become a CLAIMS AGENT. Training is on your own. There are services that train claims agent for a fee such as:



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  1. I’m having problem with va form 21-526EZ because I don’t understand some of it, I have problem with reading and writing and I need help filling out please this form. Could you please call me at 678-674-3733 Andrew M Morris so I can make a appointment with you please. It’s been 30years I have been fighting this Mr. Lewis at 678-289-8883 gave me your email addresss God bless hope to hear from you. Andrew Morris (678)-674-3733

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