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From: Zeste C. Debro <>
Date: Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 7:34 PM
Subject: RE: Great to Make Your Acquaintance
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Please  Post on our Department  website. 



On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 11:11 AM, Donna & Neil Randle

Greetings this Sunday Morning My American Legion Comrades in Georgia –

  Here is a photo and a write up from 2 years ago when my cousin, Meta Monteleone, turned 104….

 Please let me know your thoughts about doing something special for her this August 4th for her 106th birthday !!

  Looking forward to hearing from you soon…



Mrs. Meta Monteleone of Macon, GA is pictured here between her daughter, Martha Monteleone Duke, and Johnny Payne at the Dublin VA Medical Center, where she was recognized this morning at the annual Veterans Day Program. I invited Mrs. Meta to be the keynote speaker for this program five years ago, and she has become quite respected and loved by our community. This lady is remarkable in so many ways. AT THE AGE OF 104, Mrs. Meta is the oldest living veteran nurse in the state of Georgia, and one of the oldest living WWII veteran nurses in the United States.


Donna A. Monteleone

  Senior Vice Commander

American Legion Post 202

PO Box 659   Newtown CT 06470

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        American Legion Post 202 of Newtown CT

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From: Donna & Neil Randle
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2020 10:06 AM
To:‘ <>
Subject: FW: Great to Make Your Acquaintance

Good Morning Lewis –


I am sorry for the delay getting you the information about my father’s Cousin, Meta Monteleone, who will turn 106 years old on August 4. It seems that the VA left of the last “e” on Monteleone…. This happens quite a lot in the south. When I was at Ft Bragg, Ft Gordon and Keesler AFB, they kept trying to “correct me” about the pronunciation and spelling.


According to her daughter, Martha Monteleone Duke:


There will be no gathering of family and friends due to the coronavirus. I would like to do everything I can to make it a very special day, this is her address:


Dublin VA Medical Center

1826 Veterans Blvd.

Dublin, GA 31021

Attn: 8 A East

Meta Monteleon


I would like to suggest that the American Legion GA send something with a US Flag in it to have in her room. Flowers or some arrangement with American Legion insignia might be nice. Just thinking out loud here.


I hope you can ask if the VA could send you a photo of her with the “gift” so you / we can post it for everyone to see. Please feel free to call me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you soon !  


Donna A. Monteleone

Senior Vice Commander

American Legion Post 202

PO Box 659   Newtown CT 06470

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        American Legion Post 202 of Newtown CT

On Monday, June 8, 2020, 2:46 PM, American Legion, Department of Georgia <> wrote:

Good afternoon ALL:


Mr. Debro’s surgery was a complete success.  He is in recovery and is expected to convalesce over the next few weeks. Mrs. Valerie Debro and the Department staff want to thank you for your prayers and well-wishes leading up to his surgery. We ask for and trust that your thoughts and prayers will continue as he moves towards a hopefully full and speedy recovery.   

Thank you.




Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

26 May 2020



Good Afternoon ALL.


There have been several inquiries concerning the arrival of the 2021 Membership Cards. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for those cards and the fine job you will do in meeting or exceeding your goals for this upcoming Membership Year. However, please note that in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, your Department Headquarters is not operating business as usual and neither is the National Headquarters. 

Certainly, we would have had the 2021 cards around this same time, but the National Headquarters is also impacted. The National Headquarters, like so many other veterans services organizations, is exercising and executing plans and ways to keep its workforce safe and healthy while at the same time continuing its mission of quality veteran service.

Please remain patient and stay tuned for changes (and a few temporary omissions ) in the normalcy of daily operations. This Department is committed to keeping you apprised of changes and modifications in getting the job done while we co-exist with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department, as well as National,  is still telecommuting with minimum time in the actual office. The Department is also taking an additional measure to ensure our work environment is as sanitized and clean as required.  Visitors and Legionnaires who come to the building will “mask up” and their temperatures will be taken to detect fever and hand sanitizer will be readily available upon entry via the FRONT DOOR.  It is recommended that you call before “popping up” so that we might be able to better serve you and your needs.  

Should you have any questions, please call.  Also, we will send out a Blast when the cards arrive.   

Commanders/Adjutants: Please pass the word!




Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

678.289.8883  EXT 3



NOTICE: All information in and attached to the emails herein may be proprietary, confidential, privileged and otherwise protected from improper and/ or erroneous disclosure. If you are not the sender’s intended recipient, you are not authorized to intercept, read, print, retain, copy, forward, or dissimminate this message.  If you have erroneously received this communication, please notify the  sender immediately and destroy all immediately and destroy all copies of this message electronic, paper, paper or otherwise.

30 April 2020

As Per Dept Adj Conference call

   Need CPR from every post into Department no later than 15 May 2020.

   Need All End of year reports into Department no later than 15 May 2020.

   Officers Certifications and Bond $15. from Posts and District need to be into Department no later than 15 May 2020.  Note there must be at least 2 different people on this report,  Commander, Adjutant, and Finance Officer.   The Commander can not also be the Adjutant or the Finance Officer.  This report also must be into the Department to have the new membership cards issued to the post this summer.

   Awards reports:  Gold and Silver Brigade, Go Getter awards, Scouts, etc. must be sent into Department no later than 15 May 2020 to be considered.  These awards will be processed, when they are presented will be determined at a  later date.

There no hurry on the Resignation Letters.  Resignation letters can be sent in as determined.  We do need the letter on file for records.  Phone calls are not sufficient. 

The additional paperwork requested in the mailed post packets are requested for the Department files.  If a post has all this paperwork updated and on file with department, we maybe able to cutback on the caravan visits this year.  In reference to the 990 paperwork, only the front page showing that the Secretary of State had received the paperwork is needed.

Understand that any order of items from National maybe 8 weeks behind.

As of April 30, 2020,  the Governor’s Stay in Place has been extended to end of June.  There will be a Department DEC conference call Sunday evening to discuss the impact of this extension.

In the discussion of the potential opening of posts.  Review your liquor licenses.  Georgia State views the American Legion lounge/bars as Private Clubs and are license as such.  Social Clubs are licensed at a different rate much higher.  If a Legion Post is opening under the understanding, they are Social Club the State will be looking to raise your license fee to the higher rate ($2000. Plus, range.)  Now is a time to be reviewing licenses and insurance, Do They Match?

The New Department Shirts are available at $25. Each.  The Historical Department pin are available for a donation of $1. Each.

Currently National has Georgia listed as the 11th in the numbers for COVID-19 deaths.  This is not a category we want to lead.  Please be safe and careful.  We estimate the average age of our Georgia legionnaire is between 55 and 60 years of age.  Take the precautions for others protection.

23 April 2020

Good morning, 

Let me clear the letter up now before we all go crazy.

  1. We still need your Officer Certified  and Bonded  list by 15th of May plus $15.00. Without we cannot issues your cards.
  2. The letters are a copy that if you have someone that resign,  they need to turn in the letter and the replacement  need to turn in a letter.
  3. Use this letter doing the year for replacement  of Officers.
  4. Department  Officer I need your letter also saying that you are staying on. I need to report to National  in June on you.
  5. If you hold a National  appointment,  I need your letter also. We will need to report this also.
  6. The letter are for the Department  to help  us track who we still have serving in positions .
  7. All other forms that was sent out.  For the end of the year reporting are due  before the 15th of May.

These are your awards forms.

Go Getter

Silver Bdg

Gold Bdg

Children and Youth  reports

There were about 8 forms that was mailed to the Adjutant. 

If you have a problem, call me.

Our NEC’S  has fill out their forms for National  and Department  positions  and are in hand.

These are for the Legion Officers.

ALA or SAL I cannot say how they are tracking Officers. 

So just forget the other email.

Use the forms if you need them.

Thanks, Debro 




April 21, 2020 11:48 AM

Good morning, Please  when you are sending me a email CC the Department. 
Dennis, Commander  and 2nd District Commander. 
For so reason a couple of your emails went to my spam folder.
Please  CC to the Department. 
We have started to received  some of the Posts End of the Year Reports.
We need them all by 15 May 2020.Some reports still must go to National. 
Yes Silver/Gold Bdg awards  will be process and shirts or jackets will be sent to the Department. 
EOYR.  District Commanders  need to look at your meeting  dates also and mail down meeting  places. Commander  has a CC with you tomorrow  at 1430/230.




Please do contact your District Officers before calling Department.  Most problems are best handled at the lowest possible level.   

Website Administrator 

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