Membership Report

Subject: Changes to the Membership Goals report

Good morning Director Herndon,

I have blind-copied Department Commanders, Adjutants and Headquarters along with Executive Leadership, National Officers, National Vice Commanders and other key personnel on this message.

The Department and National Membership Goals reports have been updated to correct two issues.

The previous version of the report counted members who had proformas that were included in unsubmitted (open) online transmittals. The intent was to show memberships that would become active once the online transmittal was posted. In practice, though, we found two problems with this. Posts can make changes to these online transmittals over time which caused confusion because this caused count changes in the Membership Goals reports. The new version of the report does not include members in an unsubmitted transmittal.

We also updated how transfers are counted. Previously, when a member transferred from Post A to Post B, the membership was counted towards Post A. The report now looks at which post has an invoice for the member, so the transferred member now counts towards the post where they paid dues. There was also an attempt to filter out records with bad transfer data which is no longer needed and has been removed.  The removal only affects the errant details.

There are unsubmitted online transmittals that have been open for a long period of time causing memberships to be counted without ever being posted. We will be contacting Posts with old open transmittals asking them to post or cancel.

DMS Issue

We are aware and working on a fix for those members who have found a way to renew via DMS but aren’t actually eligible.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Attached is the Team GA 2022 Membership Report as of 28 February 2022.

Congrats to the 3rd District for their thrust into 1st Place followed by District One, District Six, District Eleven, and District 12 as they respectively took on 2nd Place thru 5th Place with 85% or more.

Our next Target Goal is 90% in the month of March as we enjoy Mardi Gras, Daylight Savings Time, Spring, St Patrick’s Day and other occasions. 




V/r,    Lewis

Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

Greetings Team Georgia:

Attached is the GA 2022 Membership Report for 2nd Quarter – as of 31 January 2022.   If there are discrepancies in the numbers, please note them for consultation and clarification.

To all the DISTRICT COMMANDERS/ADJUTANTS: thank you for continuing to forward emails to your respective POST COMMANDERS/ADJUTANTS.
We will be in MACON GA from February 2-6, 2022, for a department-wide membership revitalization event. When you call the office, please use EXT # 2 for Joe Sims.
Otherwise, we will return on Monday, Feb 7, 2022, to resume business.   The District Ranking is to the side. Click to see it larger.




Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

GA 2022 Membership Report for

Target Date 8 Dec 2021

Happy Holidays Fellow Legionnaires of Team Georgia!!!

Attached is the Membership Report/District Ranking for today’s Target Date  (8 Dec 2022) and the target goal of 75%.  

Congrats once again to the District 1 Team Players for an outstanding performance (79.52%) and maintaining the lead for the 2022 Membership Year.

Super Kudos to the District 11 Team for holding steady in Second Place for another round.

And who would have thought it???  The Mighty Third District moved from 9th place to 3rd place. Was this luck or strategy? Stay tuned because this isn’t their first rodeo.

And a big shot out to 6th District for making it to the 70% mark. That’s a move up from 6th place to 4th place.    

As a Department, we missed the mark by 7%; but we are continuing to trend in the right direction. As the 2021 year comes to end, it is important for Team GA to put just as much attention on recruiting new blood,  retaining current members, and the reclaiming of expired members,  as we do on the Post 400 transfers.  Our overall goal for 2022 is achievable.

Let’s do this!



Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

GA 2022 Membership Report 10 November 2021 The 3rd Target Date

In this Team Huddle<>
Attached is the Team Georgia 2022 Membership Report. Today’s Target Goal is / was 65%.  As it stands now, our TEAM missed it; but our redeeming alibi will be the TRANSFERS (which are not counted in this report.  That is because National is still working to field those numbers.  Once those numbers are added, we should see a significant increase in our percentage.  Meanwhile, let’s continue our efforts at Renewals, Transfers, RECONNECTS, working the EXPIRED list and Revitalization tasks.
Let’s give a “High Five” to the two districts that did meet or exceed the 65% target goal: 
Kudos to 1st District and 11th District for leading the way.
As a reminder, all RECONNECTS must be accompanied by a Reconnect Form.  Districts Commanders/Adjutants: Forward to your Posts
                 V/r,             Lewis                                Exec Admin Assistant            Director of Membership Services Department of Georgia Staff

The Totals list to the right show Department level, District level and Post level Online Renewals.

The breakdown of post’s transmittal have the member number and names.  Those lists have been sorted by Districts. And sent to Department Admin to be sent to the District Adjutants disseminate. 

GA 2022 Membership Report Oct 31 2021

End of 1st Qtr Report of Legion Year

Greetings Commanders & Adjutants of the Department of Georgia: 

 This report shows where Team Georgia stands at the End of 1st Quarter of the Legion Year on October 31, 2021. 

 The Department Staff has reached out to National for a status on the TRANSFER numbers:  They are aware of an issue/problem and are working to address /resolve it. ETA for a FIX is unknown.

 Once again, Congrats to 1st District and 11th District for holding down the First and Second Place(s) among the districts.

And what is going on in 7th District?  Since September, the 7th District Team has moved from 10th Place to 4th Place, and NOW, they are in 3rd Place. Give them their Kudos and Keep up the Good Work (up there in northwest GA)

 The next GOAL is 65%  to be met on the next TARGET DATE (Wednesday, 10 November 2021) the day before Veterans Day.  As a Team and as a Department, we are about 5.06% away from achieving that goal.  Let’s use the next seven days to “Make the MARK.” (hint, hint: Mark for Commander Mark Shreve)

We can do it! Yes we can!

                                  Congratulations to Team Georgia!!!!  

 Not only did we meet the target goal for the second time, but we also exceeded it.  You can take pride in your efforts.

Kudos to 1st District for maintaining the lead with the highest percentage, followed once again by the 11th District, with 6th District taking on the number 3 spot.  And what an amazing performance from 7th District in its move from 10th Place  in September to 4th Place in October. Every District improved and no District is below 50%. 

 Team Georgia is trending in the right direction.   Give yourself a high-5 for a job well done!

NOTE: As you review the report, please note that NATIONAL has not loaded all the transfers. I know several Districts have been working diligently in the name of Revitalization to facilitate that process.  The vast majority of the Member Data Forms (TRANSFERS) have been completed. We will check with National HQ to find out when the Transfers will be loaded into the Reports  Similarly, I must inquire to National about the PUFL numbers because I noticed sporadic decrement from SEP to OCT.

 Commanders: if your district adjutant is not an addressee on this email, please forward accordingly.  Thank you.

The telephones at Department HQs are dropping calls.  The problem has been reported to the service provider and we are waiting and hoping for a remote fix to this problem. If you have called and your conversation or message abruptly ended without warning; then we, the Staff, sincerely apologize for the interruption in communication. We will take the necessary action to rectify the problem or relieve the carrier/provider of their service to/with us.   Nuff said.



Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

Post Staff to the right are Online Renewal and the PUFL List. You will be able to match the names to the checks that  have received from the department, for the online membership.  This is how the National has sent the list to Departments.  We have not found a way to sort it into districts or posts.


Subject: 50% Target Date extension

Due to Labor Day, the 50% target date is being moved to September 15th.  This has no impact on the extract dates though. 

Please try and submit as much as possible to help with the extract and renewal notices.

Sent: Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 4:21 PM

Subject: GA 2021 Membership Report – FINAL REPORT – 14 June 2021

Good Day to each of you.

The attached represents the FINAL REPORT of this Membership Year. Renewals and Transfers and adding  New members will continue in the days ahead. The Department is waiting on a few POSTS that have renewals in the mail. We will take care of those.

Congratulations to ALL Districts for achieving over 80%. And special kudos and thumbs up to the 3rd District for its “First Place” rankings among the other Districts.

Let’s give a “Shout Out” to Dept JVC Melvin Weaver for his two districts (3rd & 11th) for taking on (First & Second) places respectively .

A big Congrats to GA POST 0029 for its outstanding performance as the Department’s largest Post. Post 29 (Marietta) exceeded the 100% Goal.

And Super Kudos to the Triple Three (GA POST 333) for the tremendous achievement in recruiting o/a 260 “NEW” members to the American Legion Family.



Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

Subject: GA Membership Report 13 May 2021

Good afternoon Team Georgia.

Attached is a Membership Report for this mid-month of May 2021.   Congrats to 3rd District for its slide into home base with the 1st Place ranking among the districts.  Yesterday, May 12, 2021 was the Target Date for 95% and June 9th is the target date for 100%.

Team Georgia needs 5,117 more renewals (or new members or reactivated members) to achieve a 100%.   The Department will “e-process” about 50-75 renewals that arrived via mail.  They should be appear in the next report   For those districts having Districts Meetings this weekend, I hope this info is helpful or useful.


Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services  

Department of Georgia Staff

Congrats to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place contenders: 1st District. 3rd District. And 12th District. Keep up the good work.

 I need to address some issues concerning this first report in the midst of the “new MyLegion” migration.  The Department staff truly understands your frustration and annoyances resulting from your effort to “work this new system”. We are experiencing similar and numerous challenges each day as we try to use the new system to get the Department’s  work done. Thank you for your patience and empathy. However, this report is evidence of our attempt to meet your needs and requests.  As we explore, discover, and learn to maneuver this system, we will continue to serve you in the best manner possible.  Therefore:


  1. This report does not include a heading for NEW MEMBERS, PUFLs, or ONLINE RENEWALS. However, they are included in the TOTAL.

  2. TRANSFERS: If your POST transferred in members or attempted to, then your full count of transfers ‘might not” reflect the quantity that you believe you had. Also, if a membership has EXPIRED, then the  transfer more than likely was rejected in the system.

  3. Post 333, Columbus:  You have between 40-50 cards yet to be processed. The system continues to reject your cards, but the Department is determined to get them processed ASAP.  So those cards are NOT accounted for in this report.

  4. I processed a transmittal batch of 44 members Thursday morning.  It is NOT reflected in this report.  The transmittal included: POSTs <> 1,16,23,51,82,108,142,192,251,332,505,594.  If you processed anything today after 12:00 Noon, then this report does not include your numbers.

  5. I will be focusing on getting all transfers completed and renewals (plus new ones) input into the system.

 Just a reminder that the TARGET DATE for the 95% GOAL is May 12th, and the TARGET DATE for the 100% GOAL is June 9th.

 The FINAL Membership Report will be published in June (on/about the June 10th) – prior to the Department Convention.

 Please note that you are still required to register for the Convention whether you lodge at the hotel or not.

 Questions about this report? Call or email me on TGI Friday.



Exec Admin Assistant

Director of Membership Services

Department of Georgia Staff

1 February 2021 Membership Report.      Posts reports >>> GA Membership Report 01 February 2021