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Editors of The Coastal Courier,

Please put this Letter to the Editor in your Next edition, 17 Feb 21:

My Fellow Americans, it is once more time to Stand Up and take Pride in Your National Colors, The American Flag.

Read the letter sent by one our Veterans.  Click > My Ltr to Editor – Flag

The Department of Georgia is sad to announce the passing of

Past Department Commander (PDC) Charlie Tucker.


Memorial Services for PDC Charlie Tucker

will be Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Visitation Time is from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

The MEMORIAL SERVICES will be from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.


Another Visitation will take place later that evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The location for both Visitation(s) and the Memorial Service will be at

the CALDWELL & COWAN FUNERAL HOME 1215 Access Road. Covington, GA 30014. 


NOTE: A Graveside Service (For Family ONLY

National Commander Call to Action

Please Read for your information.

Join me: Be a part of The American Legion’s online improvements

James W. “Bill” Oxford, National Commander

JAN 20, 2021                   Commander’s Messages

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,

I hope you have heard the exciting news that The American Legion has moved to a single sign-on for its collection of websites. This is great news for American Legion members and non-members since they will need to only have one username and password when they visit American Legion national (not department) websites.

This will mean easier access to American Legion related websites including,,,, and

At this time, this does not apply to registered users of the Emblem Sales website.

The single sign-on is the first step of many changes that are coming to improve user access and experience with and, that will build a foundation for the future for The American Legion. I’m very excited to be a part of this, and I hope you are too.

In order to enjoy the benefit of this new single sign-on, current registered users of the aforementioned American Legion websites need to take a moment to re-register. The reason for the re-registration is that American Legion National Headquarters moved from a vendor proprietary system that required us to renew accounts for all American Legion web properties, and the new platform requires each user to have a unique email address as the username. Please note that all member information is still within MyLegion, securely and safely housed.

Here are the five steps to set up your single sign-on account:

    1. Click “Sign In” on an American Legion national website property. You will be taken to our SSO site at
    2. Click “Register as a new user.” Fill in the form using your best contact email address and member ID (if applicable).
    3. Enter and confirm your desired password.
    4. Click “Finish” to receive your confirmation email.
    5. In the confirmation email, click the link to confirm your account. The provided email will be from

It is important that you confirm the sent confirmation email from Please check your junk email folder if you don’t see this email in your inbox. This step finalizes your account for single sign-on access.

As American Legion national website users re-register, there have been questions about the process. If you have questions, please see our most frequently asked questions to help you with the re-registration process.

I mentioned previously that this single sign-on is the initial step in many that will allow The American Legion to provide a streamlined and better user experience within its web environment. So thank you for your patience as we navigate this process. Our focus is you, making your time on American Legion national websites valuable, resourceful and easy to navigate.

For God and Country,

Bill Oxford

NAZCAR relation and WHY.

New raffle. The TV was donated back to be raffled AGAIN. Get your tickets from you local Auxiliary Unit Now!!

GA Department Commander and Fellow Veteran at Chatham County Vet Day Parade
GA Department Commander and His Wife
Wreaths Across America 2020

WARNING: THIS Firm is NOT Accredited by VA

Sent out by Mark D. Demers, MBA, CM

Subject: FW: VA Claims Insider | VA Claim Experts | 10K+ Veterans Served

Some of our Georgia veterans are being solicited by a company called VA Claims Insider  This firm is not accredited by the VA to file claims or appeals on veterans behalf. They charge large fees to advise you how to fill our your own claims and give you access to their medical network. If the claim is unsuccessful, you still owe them their fees and if you don’t pay, they will send your case to collections (and possibly ruin your credit). Additionally, this company cannot represent you in an appeal (because they are not accredited by the VA to do so).

Beware of this vendor, one of our Georgia Veterans is already experiencing the negative effects of using this service.


Mark D. Demers, MBA, CM Veteran Appeals Officer/ American Legion Department Service Officer Georgia Department of Veterans Service

Subject: The American Legion Vision, Mission and Motto / Local Media Inquiries

To: Department Commanders; Department Adjutants; National Executive Committee; Alternate National Executive Committee

The NEC of the The American Legion recently passed Resolution 5 – Vision, Mission, Values and Motto of The American Legion — which was a significant event and will prove to be highly valuable for the organization as it enables the The American Legion to focus on its true purpose — improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families.  

For your reference a copy of Resolution 5 ( Resolution VMVM) is attached. 

One big advantage of having a sound vision and mission is that it provides the organization with a very clear lens through which to view issues and decide whether we should publicly comment on said issue(s).  As you know, when The American Legion speaks we carry the voices of all our members and veterans across the nation and the globe.  As such, we have an enormous responsibility to be thoughtful, judicious and measured when we do elect to enter any conversation in a public forum. Therefore, we will strive to publicly comment on issues that do in fact have a direct impact on improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families. 

Additionally, as you are aware, National has made many public comments on a number of social issues so our position is quite clear on almost any recent topic — Law Enforcement, Sanctuary Cities, Flag Code, etc., so the need to continuously reiterate those statements is in many instances simply redundant. 

We do, however, recognize that on a local and regional level the needs of your Department(s) may be somewhat different so we wanted to provide you with some thoughts on how to comment on public issues if you deem the need to comment necessary:

  • Local media and officials looking for comment desire to hear from their local American Legion leadership when it comes to issues that pertain to their specific communities.  
  • Remarks made by local Legion leadership to the media (or other officials) should be based on Resolutions only — and not the personal beliefs or wishes of the designated local spokesperson. 

Finally, we would highly recommend that local Legion leadership apply the same lens as National does and comment on issues pertinent to improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families.

We hope this information is helpful, and thanks for all you do on a daily basis to improve the lives of veterans, the military and their families. 


The American Legion National Headquarters