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Click here to see the video of Belle’s triumph!

One of the great ways you can help Belle and other’s like her in your community is by participating in our events, becoming a sponsor, or making a direct donation!

The next great event is our Golf Classic Fundraiser!   

Golf Classic – October 2022

When – Friday, October 21, 2022

Where – Smoke Rise Country Club

Registration – 8AM

Shotgun Start – 9:30

Join us at Smoke Rise Country Club on Friday, October 21, 2022 for an exciting golf to and raise some funds to support FODAC’s home medical equipment (HME) program. Funds will help provide mobility items like wheelchairs, walkers, stander patient lifts, and hospital beds – to help improve the quality of life for adults and children with disabilities.

As a part of the tournament, every participant will receive complimentary:

·   Breakfast

·   Beverages throughout the day

·   Catered Lunch and on course snacks

·   FODAC swag and sponsor giveaways

You will also have the opportunity to win prizes and raffle items!


American Legion Post 307 in Cumming, Ga. Italian-made 105mm howitzer that had been captured by the U.S. 3rd Army in Iraq in 1991.

At The Mission Continues, we’re on a mission to connect veterans with under-resourced communities. At The Mission Continues, we’re on a mission to connect veterans with under-resourced communities.

Information for Leadership training. Check out the link below.

Women Veterans Leadership Program

The American Legion - 100 Miles for Hope - 2022 Challenge

Subject: predatory claims companies
Importance: High

Good afternoon, DSOs:

Congress is planning to hold a hearing on predatory claims companies and they are asking us now for stories from the field on how these companies are victimizing our veterans.

If you or your colleagues have compelling stories to tell about how veterans/surviving spouses are being victimized by these predators, please send them to me by COB on Friday, 11 March 2022.

Please see the attached; this is what Veterans Guardian – a predatory claims company – is circulating on Capitol Hill.

I called their billing department this morning and asked what they charge for their services. The answer was five times the amount of any monthly increase in benefits.

For example, if a veteran’s monthly benefit payment is increased from $800 to $1,500, he or she owes the company $3,500 right off the bat.

Another favorite tactic is to charge DIC applicants an up-front fee. If the claim is denied, these companies hound the surviving spouses with collection agencies, etc.

Now is the time to share your stories in an effort to shut down these predators.

Thank you for your help on this issue!

Best wishes,


Marty Callaghan  Deputy Director

Benefits and Claims Services

a: 1608 K Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20006

e:  |  w:

Information about Recognized VSO 1-Pager with VA Form 21-0789

Below is an example of Predatory Claims Company.

Veterans Guardian – a predatory claims company – is circulating on Capitol Hill.

VA Reform Policy Recommendations_May 2021

Veterans Guardian One Pager_Feb 2022_compressed

A Recognized VSO does not require a fee.

Good afternoon,

Approved by the Commander and NEC’s has been Ok’d by National.
There’s a couple of items that the members will need to know and prepare for:
1. Room reservation must be made by the members at the location they are staying at using The American Legion when making reservations.
2. Museum of the Aviation there’s a $5.00 charge due by 1st of April.

3. National Infantry Museum there’s a $5.00 charge for the 1 1/2 hour tour. Due by 1st of April.

Thanks Debro 

Museum of Aviation-National Commander Visit Info

April 18, 2022 Guided Tour – Arrival 9:45am at Eagle Building, tour begins at 10:00am
1.5 hour tour with Tour Guide, Mr. Phil Coulter.
Tour includes 2 of the 4 hangars at the Museum
Minimum of 15 people and Maximum of 22 people
Federal Restrictions in place for everyone to wear a face mask and social distance from others.
POC Rob Russell (478) 955-1104, will handle all payments
Cost is $5 per person (cash or check)
Please provide a head count of participants by 15 April
Contact myself or Rob if you have any questions

Kay Jacks
Kalynn Jacks
6th District Adjutant
Department of Georgia

Let’s honor unsung Black veterans


What does the National Emergency Fund (NEF) assist?

Click to read the email.


Volunteers needed for National Oratorical Contest. The American Legion is looking for volunteers to help with the 2022 National High School Oratorical Contest Finals in Indianapolis, April 23-24. Needed volunteer positions include judges, escorts, and holding room and assigned topic room monitors.

The contest is held is at the Wyndham Indianapolis West hotel, where more than 53 youth from across the country deliver a speech on the U.S. Constitution. The support of many volunteers is needed to conduct the contest, which will provide more than $203,500 in college scholarships.

Volunteers will be provided with specific contest details, a job responsibility and training. All expenses related to volunteering with the contest, such as travel, housing and food, are paid for by the volunteer.

To volunteer, fill out the online form at



I am pleased to have just received notice of your new appointment to the 2021-2022 Americanism Council.  On behalf of myself and the entire Americanism Commission I wish to extend you congratulations and welcome!  You’ve been afforded this honor because of commitment you’ve demonstrated in promoting an understanding for the principles of a democratic government and government issues, motivating citizens to think seriously about the duties and responsibilities of being a citizen of the United States, and developing leadership and citizenship among youth. We have challenges and opportunities before us and I’m confident that we are up to the task. I encourage you to continue to honor the great traditions and values established by our founders over a century ago. These policies and traditions are what have made our organization so very relevant throughout many decades and will continue to guide us into the future.

The American Legion’s strength is in its programs. As chairman of the Americanism Commission I strongly urge you to help disseminate information about Americanism principles and programs to American Legion posts and other groups and individuals, including youth, throughout local communities within your department. Allow your leadership skills to flow freely by encouraging department and post Americanism committees to carry out the precepts embodied in the Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion. To assist you in this worthy endeavor, this communication includes information that appointees of the Americanism Council will find helpful.  Attached you will find an Americanism Council information sheet detailing how you may serve as a force multiplier in furthering Americanism missions and programs of The American Legion within local communities of your respective departments.  Also attached is a list of staff contacts within the Americanism Division.  Additionally, please find a Summary of Americanism Resolutions and the 2021 fall Americanism Commission report to the National Executive Committee located toward the bottom of the Americanism Commission webpage on  You are encouraged to check this link regularly for updated meeting reports and minutes.          

Thank you for your willingness to serve in this capacity.  I once again welcome you to the Council and wish to thank you for your continued service to community, state and nation as a proud member of The American Legion.  Take care, stay well.



Americanism Commission

Operation care package  has shipped over 7,000 care packages to deployed troops. The Wreaths Across America program here is also growing. 

 I would personally like to invite you to come enjoy our celebration. We have over 30 aircraft lined up plus many other displays. Please forward this out through the American Legion as we welcome any Vets and the public ( with photo ID )

We will soon be celebrating our 10th anniversary of the annual Veterans Day event.

Scheduled for Thursday Nov 4th & Friday Nov 5th.  

Three ceremonies, 5PM and 11PM Thursday, and 0900 Friday morning. Aircraft Departures 1100-1500 on the 5th.

Possibility of a B2 Spirit flyby between 11 &12 on Friday morning.

Gates open for visitors at 3PM – 8PM on Thursday afternoon. & 0700-1500 on Friday

TechOps security would like for all visitors to enter gate 1 of the parking lot and proceed to the far East Turnstile facing Bays 11 & 12, for an expedited sign in process. Escorts will be provided at this point!!!!! and visitors will ride the shuttle to the event.

Visitor Driving Instructions for Delta Veterans Day celebration

Use your GPS to – 1775 MH Jackson service Rd Atlanta Ga 30354.

When you turn on to MH Jackson Blvd you will be headed for the New International Terminal.

Go through all the traffic lights and then under the big overhead MH Jackson / International Terminal sign and get in the Right lane.

Follow the MH Jackson Service Road signs off to the Right.  STOP following GPS now.

You will pass a big parking deck, then a new Blue & White Delta building on the Right and then….

Turn into “Gate 1” TechOps. Follow Veterans Day signs to the Turnstile to sign in and ride shuttle up to the event.

Signs will be posted, and volunteers should be on site to help direct visitors. If you coming to work the booth, Call me at the number below and I will come pick you up  ( it might take a few minutes I stay a bit busy during the event ) Friday the aircraft departures are typically worth hanging around for. 

Jerome White

Delta AMT

Delta Honor Guard

Veterans Day Celebration MC

Delta Wreaths Across America Coordinator

Brand Ambassador

U.S Army Veteran

Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council

Delta Veterans Day celebration
Delta Veterans Day celebration

Subject: ER Treatment and VA

We were just notified of a situation regarding payment of Emergency Care and VA Notification and I wanted to pass it on. 
Situation: The veteran had to use an ER at a private hospital for care, they notified the VA within 72 hours (their Primary Care Physician at the VA) as required. A few months later she received a bill. She called VA to ask about the bill and they stated that she didn’t notify Community Care within 72 hours. She stated she did contact the VA and they responded back that you must notify both. 
This particular situation was worked out and the VA paid the bill but we must let our veterans know that this is happening. 
If you have to use an Emergency Room at a local hospital, please contact both your Primary Care Provider at the VA and VA Community Care at 844-839-6120. 
See the following weblink for the correct notification procedures (see the Notify VA Immediately Tab):

The American Legion Calls Taliban Return ‘sad event for humanity’

Subject: A salute to our Afghanistan veterans


Dear American Legion Family Members and Friends,

The Taliban are retaking control of Afghanistan at an alarming rate. It’s something generations of veterans have seen. A similar takeover occurred in Iraq. And we all know what happened in Vietnam. As a Vietnam veteran, I deeply empathize with today’s veterans who are witnessing this tragic turn of events.

But let me be 100 percent clear — the sacrifice, commitment and work by all of our men and women in uniform these past 20 years was worth it.

They kept our nation safe when many feared another attack.

They brought evil-doers to justice.

They delivered hope to war-torn nations.

Their courage, victories and selfless acts of service will not be washed away by history. 

To all the men and women who served and made the world a better, safer and brighter place since the dark day of 9/11, I salute you.

As veterans, we have a unique perspective on what all of this means. The action we are seeing today is troubling on an international scale. But also troubling to veterans, especially those who served with honor since 9/11. They may be left questioning what all of this means. They may have trouble processing this turn of events as related to their service. They may experience feelings of depression. 

But we need to let them know that their service matters today and it will matter tomorrow.

I strongly encourage American Legion Family members to take this time to perform Buddy Checks on Afghanistan, Iraq and other veterans during this time. Reach out to your brothers and sisters in arms, and make sure they are doing OK and ask what they need.

As a refresher, Buddy Checks are wellness check-ins with veterans who may not seek the help they need on their own. To get started on a Buddy Check, please visit, 

Additionally, you can also recommend that veterans seeking assistance could tap into VA’s Vet Centers. Those are counseling centers that provide combat veteran to combat veteran counseling. To learn more visit,

Whether you are a Vietnam veteran, or one from the war on terror or another era, I thank you for your service. No matter when you served, your service mattered. And it’s what will allow freedom and democracy to continue.

Veterans Strengthening America.


Bill Oxford
American Legion National Commander



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Subject: The American Legion to Congress: ‘Pay the Guard’

Bcc: All Legion Leadership       External Media


Contact: John Raughter, Media Relations or 317-630-1350

The American Legion to Congress: ‘Pay the Guard’

 (INDIANAPOLIS—July 19, 2021) –The head of the nation’s largest veterans organization warned Congress that the American people will “be furious,” if partisan gridlock causes a shutdown of the National Guard and delayed paychecks for its soldiers.

“Congress and the White House need to act immediately to ensure that our National Guard is fully funded and its members compensated for all of their drills, missions and deployments. Have they already forgotten the thousands of National Guard members who protected the Capitol during civil unrest just a few months ago? Or the crucial role of our National Guard members in America’s response to COVID-19?” American Legion National Commander James W. “Bill” Oxford asked. “The American Legion spoke loudly two years ago when partisan bickering led to an in interruption of the Coast Guard being paid. We stepped up and provided more than $1 million of grants to help hundreds of Coast Guard families, but Congress still has failed to pass the Pay Our Coast Guard Act. Moreover, it isn’t the job of private nonprofit organizations to pay the military. As Americans, we should all demand that Congress never repeats that mistake.

“We are not simply talking about bureaucracies,” Oxford continued. “We are talking about families. The men and women of the National Guard have living expenses, bills due and other financial obligations that cannot be put on hold while politicians argue. The volunteers who defend America deserve better.”


About The American Legion

The American Legion , the nation’s largest veterans organization, is dedicated to the motto of “Veterans Strengthening America.” Chartered by Congress in 1919, The American Legion is committed to mentoring youth and sponsoring wholesome community programs, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting a strong national security and continued devotion to servicemembers and veterans.  Nearly 2 million members in more than 12,600 posts across the nation and regions overseas serve their communities with a devotion to mutual helpfulness.

John B. Raughter

Deputy Director, Media Relations

Phone: (317) 630-1350  Fax: (317) 630-1368

Subject: National Membership Recruiter of the Year

Good Afternoon,

The National Membership Recruiter of the Year Competition has concluded.

  • First place winner will receive a trip to national convention along with their guest
  • Second place winner will receive $1,000 check
  • Third place winners will receive $150 check (10 recipients)
  • Fourth place winners will receive $100 check (15 recipients)

We had 36 submissions with a grand total of 2,450 new members recruited. We would like to congratulate everyone on a job well done!







Martha A. Bigbie





Patricia E. Liddell





Ed Thompson

South Dakota




David L Witucki





Francis J. MacDonald, Jr.





Richard E. Brown





Charles E. Bast

New Jersey




Bruce Thurber





Alonzo M. Scott





Jerrold W. Wilson, Sr.





Richard Godfrey, Sr.

New Jersey




Dennis Owens





Eugene Ironshell, Jr.

South Dakota




Kenneth J. Trumbull





James George





Charles T. Abrahamson





Joseph P. Lampert





Ellis J Vest, Jr.

West Virginia




Mary Westbrook





G. Douglas Willey





William “Bill” Roy

New Hampshire




Vickie D. Smith-Dikes





Rodger L. Shuttleworth





Tommy R Rainey





Joshua Steinlicht





Stephen C. Souza





Philip Crouse






Best Regards,



Nick Arnett

Member Engagement Coordinator

Internal Affairs & Membership Division

The American Legion National Headquarters

Phone 317.630.1326  ::  Fax 317.630.1413


“Veterans Strengthening America”

These ribbon will not be ready from National. 
The local company are 4 to 6 weeks backlog.
Also Shirts and Polo for Membership awards are on back order.
Please come to support our new American Legion family member out of Conyers Post 77

Here’s  a Memorial Day message from our good friend  Commissioner Roby

Job Opportunity:

National Security Policy Advisor,” Grade 15 in the National Security Division at the downtown Washington DC location. 

DEPARTMENTAL.INTERNAL APPLICANT BID FORM                         P8206- National Security Policy Advisor

Veteran restaurant business owners eligible for $28.6 Billion

Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Apr. 29 – The Small Business Administration is holding an information session on Restaurant Revitalization Fund eligibility, funding, the application process and where to go for free assistance. You’ll be able to access the webinar through your computer or phone. 

They help Veterans.

It down from the Department in Statesboro, GA.

Kroger – Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Family of Companies is committed to community engagement, positive social impact and charitable giving at the national and local levels. Every community is unique, but our common goal is to partner with the neighborhoods we serve and help the people there live healthier lives.

One of the ways in which we do this is through our Kroger Community Rewards program. This program makes fundraising easy by donating to local organizations based on the shopping you do every day. Once you link your Card to an organization, all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Shopper’s Card. Here’s how it works:  Click to go to the Kroger – Kroger Community Rewards 


Subject: Legion posts saving lives with COVID vaccines
From New York to Montana and elsewhere, posts are stepping up to help their communities stay safe from the pandemic.
American Legion posts ‘saving lives’ through vaccine efforts
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– COVID OPERATIONS: New bookazine illustrates Legion Family’s pandemic response
– American Legion National Commander encourages vaccines
– Coronavirus updates from the national commander
South Dakota Riders chapter has big plans for 100 Miles for Hope
Fitness for life
– 10 facts about The American Legion 100 Miles for Hope
– 2 options to register
– Your step-by-step guide to using the app
Tango Alpha Lima honors American Legion history
American Legion service officer to veteran in need: ‘I got you’
Responsible citizenship: the center of Americanism youth programs video
– Texas Legionnaire leads critical community effort following historic winter storm
– Temporary down time with what you need to know
– How to manage personal and post membership in
Did you know about 12,000 American Legion Family members have taken online Basic Training?
Learn more about online Basic Training here.
American Legion helps daughter of a disabled veteran pursue career in medicine
South Dakota uses social media to honor female Legionnaires
– Our WWII Story: Above Normandy
National Guard lives up to name, motto
– Student veterans receive a huge victory
– American Legion billboards popping up
– Military warns social media users of scammers pretending to be US commander in Afghanistan
– A look at the 1st American Legion World Series
– ‘Future of Credentialing’ report released
– NEF provides help after natural disasters
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The American Legion

700 N. Pennsylvania St. P.O. Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206

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From: Public Relations Mailbox <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 1:12 PM
To: Public Relations Mailbox <>
Subject: Posts encouraged to use Buddy Checks to help veterans and families


Posts encouraged to use Buddy Checks to help veterans and families

INDIANAPOLIS (March 16, 2021) – American Legion Buddy Check programs have assisted thousands of veterans and their families – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – since their inception in March 2019. By June 2020, more than 3,600 American Legion posts reported Buddy Check activities during the membership year, and thousands more were conducted in the months beyond.

American Legion National Commander James W. “Bill” Oxford is calling on members in their local communities to continue using the Buddy Check method to reach out to veterans who may need help or just a friendly voice. The American Legion Birthday week of mid-March and Veterans Week in November are ideal times to conduct focused Buddy Check outreach, Oxford said, adding that “Buddy Checks are a way we can connect with our members, former members and veterans in communities throughout the year, as well. Many local posts and American Legion Auxiliary units are making Buddy Check calls on regular schedules to let veterans and their families know they are not alone and that The American Legion Family stands ready to assist them in any way we can.”

Toolkits with valuable resources for Buddy Check teams have been refreshed and updated for the program’s third year. Those materials are available at The American Legion National Headquarters would also like to share Buddy Check success stories in the media and invites members to post their experiences with the program at Posts are also encouraged to alert local media outlets of their Buddy Check programs and how they help veterans for potential news coverage.

# # #

Media contact: Jeff  Stoffer, (317) 630-1333

Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 1:43 PM
Subject: Engage your departments in the new 100 Miles for Hope

To:  All Legion Leadership

From:  Dan Wheeler, National Adjutant

I wanted to alert you to the second annual 100 Miles for Hope that National Commander Bill Oxford launched recently. Registration is open now and it officially kicks off April 1.

As you know, we had a very successful debut in 2020 of the campaign that raised around $150,000 for the Veterans & Children Foundation. This year, Commander Oxford has established goals to double the number of participants (from 5,000 to 10,000) and donations (to $300,000) to the V&CF.

And that’s where we need your help.

National has created a very informative 100 Miles for Hope web page with all the details our members need to register, participate and support the program and the V&CF. We have also developed a sample press release (download release here) that departments can adapt and distribute to their posts via newsletters, website, Facebook page, etc.

Also worth noting is this is not just an American Legion event. It is for everyone. That’s why we also created a sample letter (download sample letter here) that departments, posts and others can use to promote 100 Miles events in their communities.

Last year we were inspired by posts that engaged their communities. In California, two members of a Junior Shooting Sports team participated to raise money for the team. In North Dakota, a high school cross-country team got involved.

Now that the pandemic is easing, we have more opportunities to engage with our communities.

There are countless community organizations, youth groups, churches and others that would be ideal to welcome to a 100 Miles campaign. Here are some examples:

• Veterans service organizations: Team Red White and Blue, Student Veterans of America, The Mission Continues, Team Rubicon and others.

• Youth and family groups: Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Special Olympics, the YMCA and YWCA, school sports teams, Junior Shooting Sports participants, American Legion Baseball teams, etc.

• Nonprofits specializing in health: The American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s Association, etc.

Check out all the details on how to register, where to get the commemorative gear and more.

Encourage your districts, posts and members to join and support this important initiative. We’d love to hear the successes throughout your departments. And, most of all, we appreciate your unrelenting support for the V&CF which funds, among other things, the vital work that department service officers conduct for our veterans.

If you have questions, please refer to . If your answer is not found there, please check with Henry Howard (

Editors of The Coastal Courier,

Please put this Letter to the Editor in your Next edition, 17 Feb 21:

My Fellow Americans, it is once more time to Stand Up and take Pride in Your National Colors, The American Flag.

Read the letter sent by one our Veterans.  Click > My Ltr to Editor – Flag

The Department of Georgia is sad to announce the passing of

Past Department Commander (PDC) Charlie Tucker.


Memorial Services for PDC Charlie Tucker

will be Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Visitation Time is from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

The MEMORIAL SERVICES will be from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.


Another Visitation will take place later that evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The location for both Visitation(s) and the Memorial Service will be at

the CALDWELL & COWAN FUNERAL HOME 1215 Access Road. Covington, GA 30014. 


NOTE: A Graveside Service (For Family ONLY

National Commander Call to Action

Please Read for your information.

Join me: Be a part of The American Legion’s online improvements

James W. “Bill” Oxford, National Commander

JAN 20, 2021                   Commander’s Messages

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,

I hope you have heard the exciting news that The American Legion has moved to a single sign-on for its collection of websites. This is great news for American Legion members and non-members since they will need to only have one username and password when they visit American Legion national (not department) websites.

This will mean easier access to American Legion related websites including,,,, and

At this time, this does not apply to registered users of the Emblem Sales website.

The single sign-on is the first step of many changes that are coming to improve user access and experience with and, that will build a foundation for the future for The American Legion. I’m very excited to be a part of this, and I hope you are too.

In order to enjoy the benefit of this new single sign-on, current registered users of the aforementioned American Legion websites need to take a moment to re-register. The reason for the re-registration is that American Legion National Headquarters moved from a vendor proprietary system that required us to renew accounts for all American Legion web properties, and the new platform requires each user to have a unique email address as the username. Please note that all member information is still within MyLegion, securely and safely housed.

Here are the five steps to set up your single sign-on account:

    1. Click “Sign In” on an American Legion national website property. You will be taken to our SSO site at
    2. Click “Register as a new user.” Fill in the form using your best contact email address and member ID (if applicable).
    3. Enter and confirm your desired password.
    4. Click “Finish” to receive your confirmation email.
    5. In the confirmation email, click the link to confirm your account. The provided email will be from

It is important that you confirm the sent confirmation email from Please check your junk email folder if you don’t see this email in your inbox. This step finalizes your account for single sign-on access.

As American Legion national website users re-register, there have been questions about the process. If you have questions, please see our most frequently asked questions to help you with the re-registration process.

I mentioned previously that this single sign-on is the initial step in many that will allow The American Legion to provide a streamlined and better user experience within its web environment. So thank you for your patience as we navigate this process. Our focus is you, making your time on American Legion national websites valuable, resourceful and easy to navigate.

For God and Country,

Bill Oxford

NAZCAR relation and WHY.

New raffle. The TV was donated back to be raffled AGAIN. Get your tickets from you local Auxiliary Unit Now!!

GA Department Commander and Fellow Veteran at Chatham County Vet Day Parade
GA Department Commander and His Wife
Wreaths Across America 2020

WARNING: THIS Firm is NOT Accredited by VA

Sent out by Mark D. Demers, MBA, CM

Subject: FW: VA Claims Insider | VA Claim Experts | 10K+ Veterans Served

Some of our Georgia veterans are being solicited by a company called VA Claims Insider  This firm is not accredited by the VA to file claims or appeals on veterans behalf. They charge large fees to advise you how to fill our your own claims and give you access to their medical network. If the claim is unsuccessful, you still owe them their fees and if you don’t pay, they will send your case to collections (and possibly ruin your credit). Additionally, this company cannot represent you in an appeal (because they are not accredited by the VA to do so).

Beware of this vendor, one of our Georgia Veterans is already experiencing the negative effects of using this service.


Mark D. Demers, MBA, CM Veteran Appeals Officer/ American Legion Department Service Officer Georgia Department of Veterans Service

Subject: The American Legion Vision, Mission and Motto / Local Media Inquiries

To: Department Commanders; Department Adjutants; National Executive Committee; Alternate National Executive Committee

The NEC of the The American Legion recently passed Resolution 5 – Vision, Mission, Values and Motto of The American Legion — which was a significant event and will prove to be highly valuable for the organization as it enables the The American Legion to focus on its true purpose — improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families.  

For your reference a copy of Resolution 5 ( Resolution VMVM) is attached. 

One big advantage of having a sound vision and mission is that it provides the organization with a very clear lens through which to view issues and decide whether we should publicly comment on said issue(s).  As you know, when The American Legion speaks we carry the voices of all our members and veterans across the nation and the globe.  As such, we have an enormous responsibility to be thoughtful, judicious and measured when we do elect to enter any conversation in a public forum. Therefore, we will strive to publicly comment on issues that do in fact have a direct impact on improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families. 

Additionally, as you are aware, National has made many public comments on a number of social issues so our position is quite clear on almost any recent topic — Law Enforcement, Sanctuary Cities, Flag Code, etc., so the need to continuously reiterate those statements is in many instances simply redundant. 

We do, however, recognize that on a local and regional level the needs of your Department(s) may be somewhat different so we wanted to provide you with some thoughts on how to comment on public issues if you deem the need to comment necessary:

  • Local media and officials looking for comment desire to hear from their local American Legion leadership when it comes to issues that pertain to their specific communities.  
  • Remarks made by local Legion leadership to the media (or other officials) should be based on Resolutions only — and not the personal beliefs or wishes of the designated local spokesperson. 

Finally, we would highly recommend that local Legion leadership apply the same lens as National does and comment on issues pertinent to improving the lives of veterans, the military and their families.

We hope this information is helpful, and thanks for all you do on a daily basis to improve the lives of veterans, the military and their families. 


The American Legion National Headquarters

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Let’s honor unsung Black veterans

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